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"One of the few truly new aircraft since the Wright Brothers"    Clive Thompson, New York Times


2013 Joint Recipient of European Union FP7 Award *

FanWing/EU SOAR at the Paris Air Show June 2015 - see News Page for details


                          Recently developed twin-tail FanWing prototype - first test flight  2012                         Projected Ultralight and Cargo Lifter Images by Adrian Mann 

*2013 European Union FP7 Award for SOAR Consortium Project with DLR, Germany; University of Saarland, Germany; and Von Karman Institute  - see news  

FanWing -- Developments and Applications  ICAS Conference, Brisbane, 2012

Could FanWing go from LSA to heavy lifter? -  see AOPA online

  • Patented distributed-propulsion vortex-lift technology

  • Flight-tested proof-of-concept high lift and thrust efficiency

  • Slow manoeuvrable flight performance

  • Stability in turbulence and no stall

  • Short take-off and landing

  • Ongoing development of vectored thrust for VTOL application

  • Low carbon footprint for projected manned applications


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