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Test flights of two latest prototypes May-October 2007: STOL & STOVL


Tethered tests for vertical-take-off capability 2007


 2007 Construction & flight preparation


2006: FanWing Ultralight Simulation Project

Imperial College graduate Oliver Ahad wins UK National Aerospace Universities Association 2006 Award


2005:  London Development Agency Jumpstart-Connect Award funds initial steps in FanWing Ultralight Development Project

Open University, KMi's Jon Linney constructs designs based on Pat Peebles' specifications


Lost prototype - weak tail boom 2005


Farnborough 2004


2004 UAV prototype, weight 10kg.  Rotorspan 2.2 m. (with winglets 3m.)  Payload 8kg.


Below: 2002 FanWing 8  Wing span 1.8 mts.  Weight 6kg.  



Projected FanWing Aircraft: a heavy lifter for fire fighting or crop dusting, the load to be carried inside the wings. (See also list of applications.)  These images by Jon Linney, KMi, Open University.


Open University animation    cityflight.qt

frontimage.jpg Rotate with mouse.

Download Quicktime 3 from

See also the KMi firstflight website 

The two images below by Adrian Mann show projected images of a mid-sized commuter FanWing aircraft.

mann1.jpg mann2.jpg

Adrian Mann:

Photographs below of the 1999 prototype, taken by Ettore De Conciliis

studio1.jpg studio2.jpg

Wing section

First experiments 1998/9

23.9KB 23.1KB
First flying model, 2 mt.wingspan 4 kg.  


Second flying model, 120 cm span, 2kg. electric powered

Wind tunnel tests, flow visualisation, measuring forces, University of Rome 1998

First flight

Second flight

CG too far back

Getting up to speed

Evening flight

Wind tunnel model

Flow visualisation

Flow over the top